Simple, effective, easy to follow hypnobirthing that can be downloaded straight to your device. The digital course is your toolkit to helping you a achieve a more calm, confident, positive pregnancy and birth experience.

You can choose from the audios only, or the complete course. If you are new to hypnobirthing, we recommend the complete course for it to be more effective.


1. Peaceful, Positive Pregnancy and Beautiful Birth (21.40) (self-hypnosis)

2. Releasing Fears and Doubts in Pregnancy (18.27) (self-hypnosis)

3. Positive Affirmations for Pregnancy (35.00)

4. Positive Affirmations for Birth (35.00)

5. The Journey Stroking Relaxation (7.00) (guided imagery relaxation)

6. Guitar Relaxation Music

Sample Here:

Complete Course:

1. The 6 audios

2. 3 video tutorials (The Biology of Birth, Breathing and Visualisations for Labour, Other top tips for labour)

3. Course Booklet-Easy step by step guide on how to put your hypnobirthing into practice, using positive affirmations, how to write your own hypnobirthing scripts making hypnobirthing more personalised and effective, other top tips including aromatherapy, massage and positions for labour.

(10% of proceeds go to 'Life For African Women')

The Magic of Motherhood

is an audio to help new Mum's continue their positive vibes into Motherhood (self hypnosis and positive affirmations).