Benefits of Hypnobirthing

Benefits of Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing has many benefits for the whole family; Mother, Baby and Father!

The essence of Hypnobirthing is in deep relaxation, enabling a Mother to relax deeply during pregnancy and labour.  Relaxation has an affect not just on your mind, but on your body and your baby.  Babies of hypnobirthing Mothers are reported to be calmer, more content, feed better and sleep better.  Research shows that prenatal hypnosis and a relaxed Mother had positive effects and better outcomes for babies (resulted in higher 1-minute neonatal Apgar scores and improved performance on the Neonatal Behavioural Assessment Scale).(1,2)

During deep relaxation, fear and tension are replaced with positive thoughts, as a result leading to a more positive pregnancy, birth experience and the potential to reduce pain. Research shows that prenatal hypnosis leads to significantly less use of sedatives, analgesia, and regional anaesthesia during labour. Those Mothers who practiced hypnobirthing are less likely to have intervention.  Relaxation has a positive impact on women's emotional state and pregnancy outcomes are improved (with fewer admissions to the hospital, fewer obstetric complications, longer gestation, reduction of caesarean sections, and fewer postpartum complications).

The deep breathing techniques that are taught, help supply Mother and Baby with nourishing oxygen, calm and focus.  All the techniques can be applied to future births and other situations in life. Learning to enter deep relaxation has shown to release muscle tension, lower blood pressure and can even have beneficial effects on your immune system.

Hypnobirthing also enables you to understand your body during labour and allows you to listen to your instincts.  It empowers you to feel more in control and confident, regardless of how or where your birth takes place.

Hypnobirthing can also enable your birth partner to feel more actively involved in the birthing process, to feel more empowered and allows them to feel proud they can be of help.  It is a great way for you and your partner to enjoy time together before the arrival of your little one, strengthening your bond, and your bond with your baby before it arrives.



Why Hypnobirthing Journey?

We at Hypnobirthing Journey believe that every Mother and Baby deserves a calm and beautiful birth.  We know that life can get busy, especially when preparing for the arrival of a new addition to your family, but this doesn’t mean you have to miss out. If you don’t have the time or availability to attend a face to face course, hypnobirthing journey is for you! Our course has been developed so you can enjoy the benefits of a complete hypnobirthing course from the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you. On starting your hypnobirthing journey you will receive access to instantly download the course content and can start listening to the audios straight away.  Our hypnosis audios have been specifically written for pregnant women, and are professionally recorded by our experienced hypnotherapist, who gave birth to all four of her children with hypnosis!

We take the mystery out of hypnobirthing with our 6 step, easy to follow programme.  You will love our audios which take you on a relaxation journey for a peaceful pregnancy and beautiful birth, and allows you to release your fears and doubts. You will learn how to relax deeply, skills you can benefit from long after your baby arrives. We teach you how to write your own relaxation scripts with your partner-making hypnobirthing a highly personalised and rewarding experience. You will learn positive affirmations for pregnancy and birth, as well as breathing techniques for birth and lots of tips to guide you on your birthing journey.

By joining us on your hypnobirthing journey, you will not only be helping yourself and your baby, but also many vulnerable women and their families around the world.  For every Hypnobirthing Journey course purchased, we pledge to donate 10% to ‘Life For African Mothers’.  'Life For African Mothers' provides life saving medication to treat post-partum haemorrhage for women in Sub Sahara Africa.  Post-partum haemorrhage is one of the leading causes of maternal death in the developing world, which is preventable with the right medication and care.  For each woman that survives child-birth, it is 10 times more likely that her baby and any children she has under the age of 5 will also survive.

So we hope you will take that step to a more calm and confident birth, and join us on your hypnobirthing journey!