Birth Stories

Birth Stories

Here is a great place to start to learn about the wonders of hypnobirthing from the experiences of other women.  Watch the amazing videos and read the inspiring birth stories, and share in the beautiful experience of birth! You will notice how calm and quiet these Mum's look, not like our traditional expectation of a woman in labour!

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Emma’s Hypnobirthing Experience

“Not only did it help with sensations and surges of early and late labour, it also helped to focus my mind, and kept me calm when things didn’t quite go to plan.  It was also invaluable to my partner who knew exactly what to do to help me through the whole labour, and it meant that we could go to the hospital at a later stage.  I would recommend this to anybody, whether it’s your first or fifth time giving birth!”

Emma, Suffolk



Birth Centre Hypnobirth


Natural Home Birth Videos 

"This is my second HypnoBirth, but first homebirth. I filmed the birth as I wanted to show women that birth can be, calm, relaxed and enjoyable. Please believe in your bodies and your babies - it really is possible!! HypnoBirthing should be available to all pregnant women, it truly is amazing!! " Susy Parker


Natural Hospital Birth Story

"I first came across hypnobirthing in a magazine article.  Having had a fairly easy pregnancy (with my first baby) I was looking forward to being a Mum, but not so much the birth.  After everything I had heard about labour I was not looking forward to it and tried to put it to the back on my mind-thinking I would deal with it on the day! Oh how glad I was that I came across that article!

Labour seemed like this unspoken event that just happened and you would survive as millions of women had before you.  Was I brave enough to have a natural birth?  I found it really intriguing there could be a way to help me through my labour that didn’t involve more pills and needles.  I like to be prepared but felt I couldn’t really prepare for labour as I didn’t know what to expect.

Through Hypnobirthing I learned what to expect and it taught me that I could really trust my body.  I watched videos of hypnobirths and was surprised at how calm and quiet these births were, and how happy and relaxed the Mums seemed to be.  They didn’t look distressed and I thought that is how I want to be during labour!

I started to practice my breathing and staying relaxed. I listened to the mp3’s before bed and towards the end of my pregnancy I couldn’t fall asleep without listening to it! I had anxieties around going past my due date and having to be induced.  I found the positive affirmation ‘Baby will come when it is ready’ really useful.

I started to feel positive about giving birth to my baby and was no longer worried about it.  I was actually looking forward to it!  My due date came and went and although everyone around me seemed to be anxious about when baby would arrive, I no longer was.  I was actually enjoying my last few days of pregnancy like everyone says you should!

The day I went into labour I woke in the morning with cramps.  I tried to sleep and stay relaxed. My main focus was staying as relaxed as possible, I tried to not let my body tense up and stay in the moment.  At home I felt I wanted to be alone in my own space so stayed in bed while my husband was downstairs-who came upstairs to check on me regularly.  During the contractions, I used a tens machine.  Eventually we went into hospital and when I arrived they said I was 8cm dilated.

I wasn’t sure if the hypnobirthing was working (I hadn't been in labour before so had nothing to compare it to) but the midwife remarked how calm and in control I looked and asked me if I was hypnobirthing. My midwife was very supportive and understanding and encouraged me to stay in control.  I was lucky enough to use a birthing pool at the hospital which felt wonderful to get into, and it eased the aches and pains.  We kept the lights dimmed low.  I did use some gas and air but after a while I realised I found my breathing techniques more useful and concentrated on breathing through every contraction.  I smelt frankincense essential oil between contractions and it helped me get in the zone.

Eventually my little girl was born and I was so glad to meet her! I was brave enough to have a natural birth and I am so glad I was.  I felt strong, proud and really empowered.

I feel because of hypnobirthing I have no fear of facing labour again.  If I had not discovered hypnobirthing and had tried to just face labour as it arrived, I know I would have panicked and my birth experience would have been far less positive.  I now recommend hypnobirthing to all my friends and pregnant women I meet as I hope as many women as possible can benefit like I did!"

....Angela, Berkshire