Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Hypnobirthing suitable for?

Hypnobirthing is suitable for almost all pregnant Mums to be! (see precautions below). Whether it is your first pregnancy or your fourth pregnancy, hypnobirthing can still be useful. It is recommended even if you don’t feel you have a fear of childbirth, but especially if you have a fear of childbirth.  You may have had a bad experience during a previous labour, or you may just want a helping hand this time around.  Hypnobirthing can be practiced by just the Mum, or also with your birth partner.

Are there any precautions I should take with hypnosis?

Never use hypnotherapy whilst operating heavy machinery (e.g. driving!) or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or if you suffer from psychiatric or psychotic illnesses that distort your sense of reality.  If you suffer from epilepsy, have a serious heart condition or narcolepsy, please ask your doctor before starting hypnotherapy.

How does Hypnosis work for Childbirth?

Research published by the British Medical Association shows that hypnosis can be a useful tool during childbirth.  Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, no magic or voodoo involved!  Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness which is often described as being akin to sleep. We all enter into hypnosis at least twice daily, when we are falling asleep, and when we awaken.

Hypnosis can help bypass your conscious mind to promote positive ideas to your unconscious mind. This simply means that when we are very relaxed, the conscious part of our minds will move to one side allowing the unconscious part of our minds to receive beneficial suggestions.

We use our unconscious mind for many tasks such as tying our shoelaces or walking.  Once we have learnt these skills they move from our conscious to our unconscious mind-we can walk without really having to think about it!

You may, or you may not have a noticeable fear of childbirth.  People love telling their ‘Scary’ birth stories and the media does not help in the portrayal of birth, with dramatised births on TV and in films.  These unrealistic ideas can become lodged in our subconscious. Hypnosis aims to replace these with positive birth ideas, which is actually the reality for many who have positive birth experiences! 

We only use positive suggestions for hypnobirthing.

At what stage during my pregnancy should I start Hypnobirthing?

It is recommended that you start between 27-30 weeks of pregnancy so you have plenty of time to prepare for labour.  Don’t worry if you start later than this, as any practice is better than none and will have benefits for you and your baby! 

How often do I need to practice?

Hypnosis works best the more you listen to it, listening daily has the best effects. Most Mums-to-be find the recordings so relaxing, it becomes part of their bedtime routine! We recommend you listen to the audios at least two or three times a week before 34 weeks of pregnancy.  After 34 weeks, we recommend listening daily.

Also, the affects can wear off so it is important to listen to the audios right up until your due date.

Does Hypnobirthing Really Work?

Yes! but it does require some practice.

Imagine an athlete puts in many hours of preparation for a race and would require a training regime.  Without the proper training and dedication, the athlete is unlikely to run to the best of their ability.  You cannot just believe in hypnobirthing and expect it to work, it also requires practice!! The more ‘training’ you put in during your pregnancy, the more effective it will be during labour.  All the hard work is done before the race and your hypnobirthing will ‘kick in’ during labour.

There is no need to worry, hypnobirthing practice is not strenuous like training for a marathon, in fact the complete opposite…it is about training your body to relax! Most women look forward to their hypnobirthing practice and find it enjoyable.

Do I listen to the audios during the Birth of my baby?

Most of the audio recordings are listened during pregnancy, prior to going into childbirth, but there are also audios which you can also listen to during the birth of your baby.  The course booklet gives greater details about which recordings you should listen to when.

Is the voice a Female or Male?

The audio are professionally recorded with a female voice, in a British accent.

Hypnobirthing seems complicated, can I do it with Mummy brain?

Our course demystifies hypnobirthing with 6 easy to follow steps.  By simply relaxing to the audios you can enjoy the benefits of hypnobirthing - bypassing Mummy brain and straight to your sub conscious!

If I do hypnobirthing will I have a natural birth?

Hypnobirthing prepares you, and gives you tools to manage the sensations of birth, naturally. In several studies there is research to suggest that women who have given birth with hypnosis had shorter labours, less medication and pain relief, and less intervention than those women who didn’t use hypnosis.  This does not guarantee that if you practice hypnobirthing you will have a ‘perfect’ natural birth, there are many medical variables that are out of our control.  Statistically you may be more likely to have a natural birth.  Either way, hypnobirthing prepares you to stay calm and make informed decisions whatever path your labour takes!

Is Hypnobirthing a type of pain relief?

Hypnobirthing is not a method of pain relief, It is all about learning strategies that help you through labour. Each mother, pregnancy, birth and baby are unique. Hypnobirthing does not promise a perfect outcome, or complete elimination of discomfort but it does empower you to remain calm, focused, feel more in control and enjoy a more satisfying, positive birthing experience. Although hypnobirthing is not a type of pain relief, Mother who use hypnobirthing tend to use less sedative, analgesia and regional anaesthesia.  This means they are better able to manage the discomforts of labour.

I’ve been told I will need a C-Section/I am worried about being induced-will hypnobirthing work for me?

C-section and Induction may be necessary to safely deliver your baby.  You can use hypnobirthing along-side any of the medical interventions.

Whatever birth you experience is the right birth for you and your baby!

I’ve heard that birth plans never really go to plan, is it worth doing hypnobirthing?

Certainly, Hypnobirthing is worth doing, especially if things don’t quite go to plan!  We know that birth doesn’t always go according to plan and hypnobirthing is useful in helping you remain calm and relaxed which ever course your birth takes, as it is something you can do regardless of the type of birth you have.

I am doing pregnancy Yoga/Pilates and NCT classes, can I do hypnobirthing as well?

Yes! Hypnobirthing can be done alongside any other antenatal classes and preparation.  In fact, we encourage all activities that will help prepare you for your labour;...knowledge is power and we want you to have an empowering birth!

Will I be ‘out of it’ when I go into trance/am hypnobirthing? Will I be in control of myself? 

You will not become a ‘Zombie’ or ‘out of it’ whilst hypnobirthing and will still be able to communicate with your caregivers. With deep relaxation you will be in control, aware of what is going on around you but will find it easier to ‘tune out’ any distractions.  Many women find they automatically go into a sort of 'trance' when they are in labour-regardless if they are hypnobirthing or not. Remember hypnobirthing is ‘self’ hypnosis not ‘stage’ hypnosis so you will be in control of yourself.

What does Hypnosis feel like? How will I know if I am under hypnosis, how will I know if it works?

During hypnosis, you will feel very relaxed, almost as if you are dreaming.  Some people feel like they fall asleep and cannot consciously remember the session, others feel they are awake during the whole experience and remember every word! Everyone experiences hypnosis a bit differently, but as long as you're actively listening to and agree with the suggestions, it's having an effect. We only use positive suggestions.  Every time you enter hypnosis during pregnancy it becomes easier. If you feel like you cannot switch off or are distracted, let these thoughts come and go but try to concentrate on the recorded voice.  If you wish, you can come out of hypnosis at any time, you are always totally in control!

Can I get stuck in Hypnosis?

No you can't! Hypnosis uses normal brainwaves so after your session you will either feel wide awake, or if listening before bed may fall asleep.


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