Our Mission

We at Hypnobirthing Journey believe that every Mother and Baby deserves a calm and beautiful birth.  We are passionate about helping as many women as possible experience hypnobirthing and making your pregnancy and birth experience more positive, peaceful, calm and confident.  We also know that life can get busy, especially when preparing for the arrival of a new addition to your family. This doesn't mean you have to miss out; our course has been developed so you can enjoy the benefits of a complete hypnobirthing course from the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you.

You can also take comfort in knowing that, not only are you helping yourself achieve a more confident birth, but you are also helping women around the world achieve a safer birth.  The World Health Organisation reports that every day, approximately 830 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. 99% of all maternal deaths occur in developing countries and are higher in women living in rural areas and among poorer communities.  Skilled care before, during and after childbirth can save the lives of women and newborn babies.  'Life For African Mothers' provides life-saving medication to make birth safer in Sub Saharan Africa, by providing the medication Misoprostol to treat post-partum haemorrhage.  Without the right medication women are losing their lives needlessly from preventable conditions. For every Hypnobirthing Journey course purchased, we pledge to donate 10% to ‘Life For African Mothers’.  By protecting a Mother, you are also protecting her family. For every Mother that survives, it is ten times more likely that her baby and any children she has under the age of 5 will survive. Our charity has been carefully selected to ensure maximum funds are utilised for those in need.  For more information on their fantastic work visit;




Hypnobirthing Journey was established by Dr Vayshali Sehra - hypnobirthing practitioner and hypnobirthing Mum, and developed in association with Fiona Grant, Hypnotherapist.

Dr Vayshali Sehra Fiona Grant
Dr Vayshali Sehra Fiona Grant


"I have been working as a hypnotherapist for over 10 years although I have been using self hypnosis for much longer than this, including for the birth of my four children! I have helped clients from all walks of life to overcome a huge variety of issues including anxiety, stopping smoking, weight control, fears and phobias, goal achievement, sport performance, pain and childbirth.

I used self-hypnosis as a tool for pain control and relaxation during each of my pregnancies, labours, and to help me breastfeed. I have experienced two hospital births, one water birth and my last child was born at home so I feel well qualified to know what pregnant women want to hear.           

Hypnosis offers an effective and permanent solution whilst being non-invasive and relaxing. I always write personalised scripts to address each of client’s individual issues. I pride myself on providing a personal and relaxed environment in which my clients can fully explain their problems in a confidential setting. This is a service which is not offered to them by their General Practitioner where appointment times are limited and pharmaceutical treatment is often prescribed without exploring the source of the problem.         

I am also a trained yoga teacher which has helped me understand the importance of breathing correctly to enable relaxation and to increase my core strength which is important for pain free delivery.

Before I became a mother, I worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry as a Clinical Research Executive. During these years I was responsible for running clinical trials in a variety of therapeutic areas including obstetrics and gynaecology.

I have also taught Advanced Level Human Biology at Reading College and The Henley College so I have a good knowledge of the physiology of pregnancy and childbirth. 

I am a great music lover and enjoy singing, playing the piano and violin. I have also sung rock music with a couple of local bands. This experience has helped my voiceover work as I am familiar with speaking into a microphone.

I hope you enjoy the audios and to find out more about my work as a hypnotherapist please see my website:www.sunrisehypnotherapy.co.uk."

Friona Grant


 'As a Dentist I am familiar with anxiety and its debilitating effects.  The best part of my job is building confidence and trust in my anxious patients and allowing them to access dental care.  The most satisfying response from patients being, 'that wasn't as bad as I thought, I don't know why I didn't come to see you sooner!'.

Anxiety can build barriers in all walks of life.

When I was pregnant with my first child I came across hypnobirthing.  I was intrigued as I knew how hypnosis was useful for relieving dental anxiety, so it could work for childbirth too.  But as I discovered, hypnobirthing was so much more than that! I gave birth using hypnobirthing and felt powerful, confident, in control, as well as feeling peaceful and natural.  It gave me a focus during labour.  I wanted to shout from the roof tops about hypnobirthing and hope that every mother should experience its benefits! That is why I established Hypnobirthing Journey.

I felt so lucky that I had the NHS to keep me and my baby safe during my pregnancy and labour.  I couldn't imagine what it must be like not to have that support, and know that the right medication may not be available if I needed it.  Thats why I felt it was important to support and empower woman around the world that have far less access to health facilities than I did. By supporting 'Life For African Mothers' we can help reduce world inequality and save lives, one birth at a time!

I hope you enjoy your hypnobirthing journey!'

Dr. Vayshali Sehra