Digital Hypnobirthing Course

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Complete Course:

1. The 6 audios (1.Self-Hypnosis; Peaceful, Positive Pregnancy and Beautiful Birth (21.40) 2. Self-Hypnosis; Releasing Fears and Doubts in Pregnancy (18.27) 3.Positive Affirmations for Pregnancy (35.00) 4.Positive Affirmations for Birth (35.00) 5.Guided Imagery Relaxation; The Journey Stroking Relaxation (7.00) 6.Guitar Relaxation Music)

2. 3 video tutorials (The Biology of Birth, Breathing and Visualisations for Labour, Other top tips for labour)

3. Course Booklet-Easy step by step guide on how to put your hypnobirthing into practice, using positive affirmations, how to write your own hypnobirthing scripts making hypnobirthing more personalised and effective, other top tips including aromatherapy, massage and positions for labour.

Hypnobirthing Journey offers a complete hypnobirthing course online, so you can complete it at a time that suits you, in the comfort of your own home. We take the mystery out of hypnobirthing with our 6 step, easy to follow programme.  You will learn valuable strategies to help you through your labour and manage its sensations.

When you join us on your hypnobirthing journey, you will receive instant access to download the course booklet, 3 video tutorials, 6 audios including hypnosis relaxations, positive affirmations and relaxation music.  Throughout the course...

  • You will learn the science behind hypnobirthing, and gain an understanding of what will happen during labour, so you can learn to trust your body and follow your instincts.
  • You will love our audios including hypnosis relaxations for a peaceful pregnancy and a beautiful birth, letting go of fears and doubts, and a guided imagery relaxation to practice with your birth partner. Relaxation has many benefits for Mother and Baby and learning how to relax will ensure you can continue to enjoy the benefits of hypnobirthing long after your baby arrives!
  • You will learn breathing techniques and viualiation for birth that will aid in the arrival of your baby and help keep you calm.  You can also apply these breathing techniques to any other situations in life when you need a moment of peace!
  • Included are positive affirmations for pregnancy and birth-creating a sense of positivity throughout your birthing journey.
  • We teach you how to write your own relaxation scripts with your birth partner-making hypnobirthing a highly personalised experience for you.  You can continue to practice relaxation with your partner after your baby arrives, taking time to connect in the mist of busy parenting.
  • Included are other useful top tips for childbirth including massage techniques, positions for labour and more!
  • Not only will you help your-self achieve a calm and confident birth, you will also save lives. For each course purchased, we pledge 10% to 'Life For African Mothers'. 'Life For African Mothers' provides life saving medication to treat post partum haemorrhage in Sub-Sahara Africa. Each course can provide medication for up to 20 women. For each woman that survives child-birth, it is 10 times more likely that her baby and any children she has under the age of 5 will also survive. So you can have a big impact not just supporting a Mother in child-birth, but on the whole family!
  • A Hypnobirthing course is a great investment for yourself, or a fantastic gift for a birth-partner, family member or friend!