Hypnobirthing Audios

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1. Peaceful, Positive Pregnancy and Beautiful Birth (21.40) (self-hypnosis)

2. Releasing Fears and Doubts in Pregnancy (18.27) (self-hypnosis)

3. Positive Affirmations for Pregnancy (35.00)

4. Positive Affirmations for Birth (35.00)

5. The Journey Stroking Relaxation (7.00) (guided imagery relaxation)

6. Guitar Relaxation Music

Sample Here:


Hypnobirthing Audios are the key to unlocking your inner calm, providing you with vital pregnancy relaxation and a wonderful sense of wellbeing for you and your baby.  The positive affirmation audios will remind you of your inner strength and provide positivity throughout your pregnancy and labour. You will love our audios including hypnosis relaxations for a peaceful pregnancy and a beautiful birth, letting go of fears and doubts, and a guided imagery relaxation to practice with your birth partner. You will also receive positive affirmations for pregnancy, and for labour. Our audios have been professionally recorded with British female, you can listen to a sample here:



Please note: this digital product is for the audios only.  If you are new to Hypnobirthing, we recommend you complete the whole course in order for your hypnobirthing experience to be most effective.